Apache benchmark windows 10.How to Use Apache bench for Load Testing

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Apache benchmark windows 10

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› watch. install apache benchmarking tool (ab) on windows. download apache binaries from an apache recommended download site (i.e.:apache lounge).

Apache benchmark windows 10

Apache Bench (ab) is a popular HTTP load testing and performance benchmarking tool. It can be used to test the speed of a website’s server. Apache Bench (ab) is a popular HTTP load testing and performance benchmarking tool. It can be used to test the speed of a website’s server. › HTTP Server › Documentation › Version › Programs.


Apache benchmark windows 10


Available Languages: en fr ko tr. It is designed to give you an impression of how your current Apache installation performs. This especially shows you how many requests per second your Apache installation is capable of serving. There are various statically declared buffers of fixed length. Combined with the lazy parsing of the command line arguments, the response headers from the server and other external inputs, this might bite you.

The rather heavy use of strstr 3 shows up top in profile, which might indicate a performance problem; i. Copyright The Apache Software Foundation. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2. The username and password are separated by a single : and sent on the wire base64 encoded. The string is sent regardless of whether the server needs it i. Default is one request at a time.

This field is repeatable. This is usually more useful than the ‘gnuplot’ file; as the results are already ‘binned’. The file is expected to contain the client certificate, followed by intermediate certificates, followed by the private key. Available in 2. The labels are on the first line of the file. The argument is typically in the form of a valid header line, containing a colon-separated field-value pair i.

Default is no KeepAlive. This can be useful for dynamic pages. The default is to just perform a single request which usually leads to non-representative benchmarking results.

Remember to also set -T. The string is sent regardless of whether the proxy needs it i. The -q flag will suppress these messages. Default is 30 seconds. This implies a -n internally. Use this to benchmark the server within a fixed total amount of time.

Per default there is no timelimit. Default table is two columns wide, with a white background. Output The following list describes the values returned by ab : Server Software The value, if any, returned in the server HTTP header of the first successful response. If no port is given on the command line, this will default to 80 for http and for https. This will only be printed if SSL is used. Document Length This is the size in bytes of the first successfully returned document.

If the document length changes during testing, the response is considered an error. Concurrency Level The number of concurrent clients used during the test Time taken for tests This is the time taken from the moment the first socket connection is created to the moment the last response is received Complete requests The number of successful responses received Failed requests The number of requests that were considered a failure.

If the number is greater than zero, another line will be printed showing the number of requests that failed due to connecting, reading, incorrect content length, or exceptions. Write errors The number of errors that failed during write broken pipe.

Non-2xx responses The number of responses that were not in the series of response codes. If all responses were , this field is not printed. Keep-Alive requests The number of connections that resulted in Keep-Alive requests Total body sent If configured to send data as part of the test, this is the total number of bytes sent during the tests. This field is omitted if the test did not include a body to send.

Total transferred The total number of bytes received from the server. This number is essentially the number of bytes sent over the wire. HTML transferred The total number of document bytes received from the server. This value is the result of dividing the number of requests by the total time taken Time per request The average time spent per request. Bugs There are various statically declared buffers of fixed length.


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